My Site is slow - DrupalCamp London 2013

Submitted by hernani on Sat, 03/02/2013 - 09:25

Drupal is a powerful and flexible tool to create web applications without building everything from scratch. This ability can drive developers to build complex websites without understanding what is Drupal doing behind the scenes.

The majority of Drupal performance talks mostly focus in aspects like infrastructure changes, caching strategies or comparisons between modules and architectures. Unfortunately when performance problems occur, development teams also follow strategies to replace different aspects of the platform looking only to standard aspects like slow queries without understanding and profiling the real problem.

The majority of times it is fundamental to measure and analyze what is the application is actually doing to understand te real problems. Drupal is a platform used by million of websites worlwide and its performance can in most cases be compared after measured.

In Acquia we do dozens of performance assessments per year, and even in most clients we find the same problems, often we find situations that only can be detected when measured and analized when looking to a profiler report.

In this session, I will explain how to detect performance problems looking to simple data, from logs to profiler data and providing some nice targets that can be analyzed to understand what is causing the uncommon bad performance of a site.

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