Case Study - Drupal Camp Lisboa 2011

Submitted by hernani on Sat, 03/26/2011 - 00:34

Counting more than 6 million pageviews each month and being listed by as one of the 200 most visited websites from Portugal, is probably the most popular website in Portugal powered by Drupal. It is built and maintained since 2001 by a community of fans that only have scarce resources available for running it, so the performance of the site must be planned with caution to tolerate usage peaks that can reach on match days about 2000 online users. In this session every step that we took during the migration to a Drupal architecture will be detailed. Starting by the design and architecture and passing by the configuration performed on several cache levels and database and server tuning. Pressflow, AuthCache, Memcached, nginx, APC and lots of imagination are active stake holders and will be stared in the credits.

Unfortunately not everything has the same glory as Benfica, so it is imperative to talk about the problems we had since the opening date and how little details can become critical when exposed to an unexpected traffic load and how we learnt from our experience to prevent them.