About me

Submitted by hernani on Thu, 10/01/2015 - 17:59

I’ve been interested in the web for a long time. I started to develop in PHP in 2001, founding Serbenfiquista.com , one of the biggest portuguese sports fans community.
I have always had a strong belief that communities and crowds can upscale their work to transform the world in a better place and I am deeply interested in understanding how technology and open source software like Drupal can be used as the engine for that transformation.

During my master thesis, I started to study the role of technologies as social networks when used inside organizations. Following that path I joined Vodafone to develop a knowledge and information management platform based in Drupal. Inspired by several web 2.0 concepts, it now provides ways to represent and share knowledge among teams, groups and services and to promote collaboration and innovation by hundreds of collaborators.

Afterwards, during my career at Acquia I had the opportunity to work in the biggest Drupal sites used by organizations from totally different environments: governments, universities and research institutes, media companies, NGO’s, and services’ companies from telecommunications to financial services. I delivered successful engagements in Europe, US, Asia and Middle East involving training, discovery, architecture, infrastructure design, auditing, performance and security assessments. I led and managed people and I led projects. I always enjoyed the mix between the two vectors.

Currently, I provide technical consultation and advisement for clients in the areas of software architecture, development processes, security, and performance as an independent technical consultant.


Thee Drupal project is a big personal interested, as you could guess by this blog.
You can find my D.O profile here